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January 07, 2021
"Would Buy Again"
I had been wary of ordering off of this website simply because of the reviews. Their products looked incredible but I also felt unsure about the wait times. However, I'm pleased to say that either they've been able to catch up and make some changes, or simply somewhere in shipping things got lost - which has happened to me with other products from other companies during this pandemic. I received my hoodie within the week of order which was a lot faster than I had anticipated and the product came in looking great! I ordered an XS and felt true to size in the arms and chest, although a little long, but I am fairly short. I look forward to ordering products from this company in the future!
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September 30, 2020
"Maybe I’ve just gotten lucky given the…"
Maybe I’ve just gotten lucky given the amount of negative reviews,but I’ve had nothing with excellent experiences with BCC. The shipping rates are a little high for it being a non-luxury us based company,but I’m willing to pay that for items I can’t find anywhere else. The most I’ve ever had to wait was around 10 days from the time of order,and the one time I had a bad experience with an item (hoodie started completely falling apart after one wash) was resolved within a couple of days after I emailed photos of the item,and received a prepaid shipping label to boot.
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